Immerse yourself in the hand-drawn world of The Lost Bear, help Walnut on her journey home through a mysterious land corrupted by the toy stealing Snatcher. Play using a unique combination of fully realised 3D VR environments and 2D Platforming to solve puzzles and rescue Walnut’s teddy bear!


As you progress on your journey you will discover a unique world in both 2D and VR. Use intuitive VR interactions that connect you with the world to help Walnut escape The Snatcher’s Hounds and find her way back home.

The Lost Bear Presskit

As you make your way through some slight horrors in an effort to reunite a child and their toy, it shows how VR can enhance traditional genres, using tricks that just wouldn't be possible without the format.

- Official PlayStation Magazine


it’s likely that you’ll find The Lost Bear to be one of the most compelling PlayStation VR videogames to date.

- VRFocus


The Lost Bear is a unique and original game on PSVR. The Lost Bear is the future of real cinema

- Soluce PSVR


The Lost Bear uses hand drawn style graphics to create a beautifully crafted living puppet show, quite possibly unmatched in the VR realm

- PlayStation VR News

this art is truly amazing that has yet to be seen in VR' 'a new level of standard when it comes to combining 2D with 3D immersive VR

- Playstation Brahs

Everything just feels like it’s bathed in this wonderful atmosphere, and that helped put a smile on our face throughout

- Push Square

I absolutely love The Lost Bear; it’s just an utterly delightful experience that utilises virtual reality in a variety of clever ways

- Use a Potion


Short and beautiful

- VR-Room

Title: The Lost Bear

Genre: Adventure, Platform, VR

Developer: OddBug Studio, Fabrik Games

Publisher: Fabrik Games

Release Date: 05/09/2017

Platform: PSVR, Oculus Rift




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