Founded in 2014 by CEO Graeme Ankers, formerly Studio Director of Sony’s Studio Liverpool. Fabrik Games began as a publisher with a vision to create and support great new gaming experiences out of Manchester. 

In the last 5 years, the studio has always prided itself on its collaborative strength, and entrepreneurial ethos. Our studios are comprised of a diverse team of talented people in gaming, with over 100 years of experience within the industry. 


Our aim is to continue to support the northern-based games industry while helping to strengthen links across the UK and Internationally. As Fabrik is growing, that means we'll be offering many job opportunities, for people from all gaming specialities and will be open to those from other sectors wishing to get into games.



Your heist, your way: solo or co-op, all guns blazing or slow and stealthy. Overthrow a criminal empire protected by an army of private security in a series of daring heists across The City. 


Help Walnut on her journey home through a mysterious land corrupted by the toy stealing Snatcher. Play using a unique combination of fully realised 3D VR environments and 2D platforming.


A brutal VR sci-fi-stealth, horror, roguelike featuring dozens of upgradable gear & weapons that may just be enough to keep you alive long enough to survive.

Fabrik worked with Firesprite to bring The Persistence to PS4, Xbox One, Steam, Oculus and Viveport.



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