Filthy Lucre is a tactical stealth heist game that gamers can play in single player and co-op, both split-screen and online. With 15 missions across 5 locations, there are 30+ upgradable weapons and gadgets to unlock.


Missions can be approached in a variety of ways. Stay low, in cover, silent as the grave with a hand-full of throwing knives, or try planting a remote mine and waiting for the right moment to hit the trigger… just don’t forget to clean up after yourself and move the body before it’s found!


Every session plays out differently based on your actions, once you’ve started to bring the heat, enemies will react and respond with brute force, so make sure you get out before the net closes in.


Work together to accomplish the perfect heist! Players can equip items like the noise maker that can pull guards off their patrol routes to give them an opportunity for a silent takedown. In co-op, a well-timed diversion can allow players to sneak up on an enemy and take them down leaving a friend free to grab the loot.

Filthy Lucre Presskit

Sneaking through levels can be tense stuff, and pulling off an entire mission with all objectives complete is an absolutely thrilling experience

- Gamespew


The beautiful chaos of Hotline Miami with the tactical co-op nature of Payday, Filthy Lucre is a joy

Pixel Bedlam


In my eyes, Filthy Lucre is the indie sleeper hit of 2016

Thumb Culture


Ducking and diving has never been so much fun. Filthy Lucre manages to be a fun and dynamic stealth game. 


Title: Filthy Lucre

Genre: Action, Stealth

Developer: Fabrik Games 

Publisher: Fabrik Games

Release Date: 11 Dec, 2016

Platform: PlayStation 4, PC